Our Top 2020 Bridal Hair and Make-up Trends

Fashion and styling over the years has evolved, changed, seen many trends come and go and sometimes come back again and bridal hair and make-up style is no different.

As bridal hair and make-up artists, Betty Lou know the most important aspect of any part of any wedding is that it is personal to the bride and groom and representative of their relationship past and future together. So what’s ‘in-fashion’ is not necessarily going to be a high priority. We also advocate for timeless style for your wedding so that your photographs and memories always make you feel great and do not become dated. However, when considering the look you want to aspire to you on your wedding day, the internet has been a haven for brides-to-be. So we have researched and found some of the hottest trends 2020 bridal hair and make-up that we believe are not only fabulous but will remain stylish and fresh for years to come.

Natural Coverage

The natural look will never go out of style. A powerful and perhaps controversial statement for the culture of structured selfies, fake tan and heavy make-up trends such as we see on TOWIE and across the media. Yet, most of us aspire to be beautiful in a way that eludes minimal effort.

Achieving this, however, is not always as easy as it may seem. Make-up is designed to minimise flaws, not mask them and applying make-up in a way that does this is a real craft. Consider a professional make-up artist to bring out your skin’s genuine luminosity.

Above all though, the advice that all of our make-up artists will give first, no matter what look you are going for but particularly if you want the natural look, is take care of your skin. In the lead-up to your wedding make your skincare regime a priority. It’s not just what you put on your skin either. Your skin will love you for eating your greens and keeping it hydrated with plenty of water.

Crown Braids

This one was just waiting for a comeback. With up-dos always being classic and with the bohemian trend having been flowing strong for a couple of decades now, crown braids have fuzed the two. Pretty without being too girly, intricate without looking at all fussy, this loose looking up-do is soft, romantic and timeless. Perfect for outdoor weddings where you want to look a bit boho but want to keep your locks out of reach of the wind.

Want to try out crown braids? Book a Wedding Hair Trial with Betty Lou.

Keep it Straight

We’re pretty sure that curls will never go out of fashion for bridal hair. They’re soft, feminine and romantic. However, straight hair is set to have a big year (at least). We’re seeing more and more straight hairstyles in the magazines and on the runway.

Straight hair is smooth, shiny and sophisticated. Simple, yes, but simplicity is also natural beauty. So if you are lucky enough to have hair in good condition, consider the sleek straight look. As it’s natural, it also means it’s not ever going to be out of style.

Ribbons and Bows

That’s right bows are back. The catwalks are laced with ribbon and bows and there’s no getting away from them in 2020. In fact, padded, velvet and big are the prefered choices. Get it wrong and you could end up looking a Harajuku girl, but get it right and you’ll pull off classic feminine style with a taste of showstopping.

Betty Lou love a bride with a hair accessory or two and can style your hair around it. Book a trial with us and we can experiment with what you’ve got or even help you choose based on the hairstyle you’re after.

Think Pink!

Ok, so this one’s not new but that’s a good sign. Pink in the past has gotten a bad reputation of being overtly girly or ‘young’, but thanks to some real experts in the beauty world pink have seen a well-deserved comeback and has been rebranded. The right shades of pink for your skin tone can bring out your natural glow, highlight the blush in your cheeks and be both subtle and striking, depending on which style you prefer.

Finding the right shades for your skin tone is key to getting it right with the rose glow look. Book a trial with Betty Lou so we can help you find the perfect tone for your bridal make-up.

The Bold Type

It’s an old misconception that a bold lip is only for the most outgoing. Strong lipsticks are everywhere right now but they never really go out of fashion. What’s changing this year is that people are realising that red is not the only option. Dark styles are in and they include burgundy and plum. We are Betty Lou are celebrating the sticky glossed lip look of the 90s being left behind as somewhat a fashion faux pa and we are embracing this classic striking look.

One of the best things about a strong lip colour is that everything else can, and should be, minimal. So this statement goes great with the barely-there foundation look.

Perfect this look with help from Betty Lou. Book your wedding make-up trial today.

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