Hen Party FAQs

Why book with Betty Lou? There are a lot of hen party companies out there and some really large ones with all sorts of package options. However, they don’t supply these activities directly but outsource them. All of our party packages are created in-house and delivered by our team. Therefore, quality is top of our list. We are also local and so can make great recommendations, provide directions if needed and a Betty Lou Director will also be there to meet and greet you at your party.

Booking with Betty Lou means you are supporting a small female-led duo of a local business. Most importantly though, you’ll be ensuring the highest level of personal care and service.

How far in advance do we need to book our party?

To take advantage of the best venues and guarantee entertainers and stylists, the earlier the better. However, we are usually able to put together parties very quickly, as we did for someone in 2018 who was let down just a few days before by another hen party company she had booked with.

Where does the hen party take place?

We have access to a range of venues in Brighton, Hove and Beyond. Your party will always take place in a totally private room in either a bar, theatre or hotel. Where we book will depend on where you are staying, how large your group is and the activities. We will confirm a venue with you way before your booking is finalised. Venue hire is included in the package pricing already so there is no extra charge for this.

However, we are also very happy and able to come to you. This can be particularly nice if you have hired a Hen House and could save you money on food and drink.

Do you do Hen Parties outside of Brighton and Hove? We are usually able to host hen parties across West Sussex and East Sussex. If your Hen Party is outside of Brighton and Hove, give us a call or email and we can let you know if we are able to do this and if this would change the cost.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

We do require a £50 deposit to secure a date for your hen party. In some cases, we may require a larger deposit if the party requires a larger venue. This is because the deposit is used to secure you a venue.

What if we have less than 10 in our group?

For parties of under 10 there is a £35 surcharge. As a rule, we only take bookings for groups of 8 or more guests. However, if your party is smaller do get in touch and we’ll see what we can do for you.

How do we pay?

You can now pay individually online through your unique party page which we will create for you after a deposit has been received for your party.

Can we bring our own food or drink?

Usually, because our parties are hosted at licensed premises, you would be unable to bring in your own food or drink.

Shall we wear makeup? We have make-up wipes so if you want to wear make-up to the party then we can remove it before yours is applied. However, most of our styling packages don’t include foundation so you may want to wear yours to the party if you usually wear it.

When is full payment due?

Full payment must be made four weeks before the party.

What if the number of guests changes?

We understand that this happens often and is unavoidable. Mostly, as long as you keep us updated we can accommodate this. However, if numbers fall below 10 a surcharge of £35 would be added. We are also unable to refund any payments already made and in some cases of afternoon tea parties, we will provide a date by which final numbers would be unable to be changed, as we occasionally are required to pay the venue per person.

How long does the party last?

How long your party lasts depends on the size and the package booked. Usually, our parties take place on a Saturday afternoon and last 3-4 hours.

Who will be there? You will have your stylist(s) and any entertainer booked. However, Betty Lou’s Director also is usually there to meet and greet you. She will let you all know the plan for the day, be on hand to answer questions and ensure timings are met.

What shall we do after?

We don’t generally do evening parties ourselves but, as we are locals, we have a few ideas of where is good to go. Take advantage of booking with a local company and ask us about Brighton restaurants, bars and evening entertainment.

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