Brighton’s Best Hen Party Venues

Updated: Jan 5

So you’re in Brighton for your hen party.

Well done, that was a great decision.

Brighton is fun, quirky and there’s something for everyone. If you’ve made another great decision then you’ll have booked a Betty Lou Vintage Hen Party too. That means you will have spent the afternoon getting all dolled up in full vintage glamour, had a few drinks, an afternoon tea perhaps, and you and your fellow hens are ready to paint the town red.

But what is there for a group of girls to do in Brighton? Where are Brighton's best Hen Party Venues? Here are a few of our favourite hot spot hen party venues: JB’s American Diner If you have booked a vintage experience with us and are looking for somewhere to eat, then Brighton’s top 50’s diner JB’s is the place to go. Burgers followed by ice cream and a shake is the perfect way to refuel. Having your hen meal at a 50s diner? We recommend Betty Lou’s Vintage Polaroid party to get you looking the part.

The Salt Rooms

Looking for a more fine dining experience? The Salt Rooms is our favourite place to go for delicious food (specialising in seafood) in a beautiful setting. An evening at the Salt Rooms is a real experience.

Treating yourself with a meal at The Salt Rooms? Our Vintage 50s Pin Up Photoshoot would be a great way to get glammed up before. You’ll also have professional photos to remember the day by.

The Joker

This American style bar is a great unique pub that even has a great vintage railway carriage booth. Their award-winning buffalo style chicken wings are a real draw and the whole place has a real New Orleans jazzy feel to it. If you’re heading to The Joker, first get into the mood with our Charleston Dance Class Hen Party

The Mesmerist

The Mesmerist is popular with locals and visitors alike and is always bustling on a Saturday night. Not to mention one of Brighton's more alternative of hen party venues. The DJs styles vary slightly but there’s always a strong soul/funk feel. We recommend their Expresso Martini – it’s the best in Brighton and the caffeine boost can be quite welcome at the tail end of the evening.

Betty Lou’s Cocktail Making Masterclass would be the perfect party to enjoy before heading to the Mesmerist.

Proud Cabaret

If you want more than a meal and/or drinks out, the Proud Cabaret is a great Brighton destination. Enjoy a themed cabaret show with saucy burlesque, an array of skilled performers and a catty compare. Some good ticket prices can be found online but watch your drink ordering, it can get quite pricy.

Betty Lou’s Burlesque Hen Party Package will really set the tone for this one. You’ll learn the Art of the Tease and be styled up ready for your night out.

The Gin Tub

You may have noticed a real trend for Gin in recent years and Brighton has been no exception. We even have our own ‘Brighton Gin’ which you should be sure to sample. The Gin Tub is in the slightly quieter, but still very trendy, Hove. You order your drinks (a great menu of cocktails, gins, wines and prosecco) from a vintage phone on your table and there is even a Selfie bar downstairs with some fabulous backdrops for you to pose in front of.

The Tempest Inn

Being in Brighton you’ll want to head to the beach. There, under the arches, you will find some great late night bars. The Tempest is one of our favourites though, due to its unique cave interior.


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