Our Top Six Brighton Hen Houses

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

Are you coming to Brighton for your friend’s hen party? Or maybe you live in Brighton already but you need somewhere for all your hens to stay?

The truth is this; you can book all the fun activities you want, dress up, drink the best cocktails and play the very naughtiest games, but the best part of every hen party, the part you remember, is being together with the girls and spending real time together. That is why the house you pick is so important.

So choose the right place for you and your friends to relax in, get dressed up in and laugh in with our guide of some of our favourite hen houses in this wonderful fun-filled city. Brighton is a town that caters to the individual and there is something for everyone. Hopefully there will be something for your group in here:

Wonderland House

The Style: This is a luxurious ‘Alice in Wonderland’ themed house – totally unique and splendid if you love a bit of childish fantasy and a magical setting. Size: Large at up to 24 people! Where is it: Fairly central actually, within the Kemp Town area and right on the seafront. A lot of great bars and clubs nearby and you will be in Brighton’s so-called ‘gay scene’ – very popular with hen parties who don’t care to be in the tourist areas avoiding the late night louts and cat calls! What do we love about it: It’s just so much fun and there is nothing tacky about it – all wonderfully stylish whilst maintaining a whimsical feel. They also have Alice in Wonderland costumes waiting there for you if you wish to have a dress up! What’s the damage: Understandably, given it’s high demand it isn’t inexpensive at up to £1,400 – £1,500 (based on two nights) so we are recommending this for larger parties if you want to keep costs down. However, one of the attractions of this house is it is so unworldly you would want to spend as much time in it as possible so have afternoon tea or a mad hatters tea party (Betty Lou suggest making it a Long Island Iced Tea Party) in the splendid dining room and soak up the experience. We recommend: Going all out and making it a magical experience – emerge yourself in dressing up as the characters. If you want help with the character hair and make up get in touch with Betty Lou for our Styling and Pin Up Photoshoot Party Package where you will have professional pictures of your group to remember your day by. We have styled a few ‘Alice in Wonderland’ hen parties and it is great fun!

The Lodge

The Style: Modern and sophisticated – you will feel as if you are in Manhattan!

Size: Large – sleeps up to 22 in 8 bedrooms Where is it: The exact location is unspecified but it is in central Brighton and very close to the sea. Get in touch with The Lodge for more specific location. What do we love about it: It’s got a great New York feel – very ‘Sex in the City’, but one of the best features if you come in the summer is the BBQ and lovely outside space. What’s the damage: From £100 per person per night (Bride stays free). Get in touch with The Lodge for more specific prices. We recommend: Making sure you use the fabulous open plan kitchen and dining room with so much space, modern style and a huge skylight. A wonderful area for the girls to sip prosecco and raise a glass to the bride-to-be! Enhance your weekend away with a Betty Lou Cocktail Making Masterclass.

Mermaid House

The Style: Sophisticated tranquility and a calming reminder that you are by the sea – mesmerising. Size: Large – Medium – sleeps up to 16 people Where is it: Central Kemp Town – close enough to the action and entertainment but a little away from the noise and tacky commotion of town centre What do we love about it: Striking blues and greens immerse you like the ocean and you really feel a sense of ethereal calm. The images of mermaids around the property give it a uniquely feminine draw perfect for a group of girls who are seeking a retreat that somehow manages to be neither entirely modern or vintage but something in between – a timeless mermaid’s lagoon full of treasured beautiful things. What’s the damage: Circa £1,500 in peak seasons We recommend: A Betty Lou Polaroid Party. This is a beautiful girly house so leave it only to enjoy having your hair and make-up styled in full vintage fashion and allow us to hand over our pink polaroid camera for you to take snaps of your day.

Pin-Up Parlourama

The Style: Sexy and fun! This one has a pin-up vintage theme – the perfect empowering setting for a group of girls celebrating their friendship in true glamour. Size: Large – Medium – sleeps up to 18 people Where is it: Another Kemp Town property – a bit further from town but still walkable from town centre or a reasonably short taxi ride away if the heels become too much! What do we love about it: It is vintage but fun – not an afternoon tea or big dinner party venue; this one is frivolous and a great pad for hens who want to explore the city and then come back to exchange gossip, secrets and pose alongside the many pictures of pin-up ladies through the years. The perfect setting for an escape from the norm and a cheeky weekend with your lovely ladies! What’s the damage: Circa £549 per night We recommend: Well this is a true Betty Lou hen house being that it is vintage styled. Immerse yourselves in the uplifting proud sexiness with a Betty Lou Vintage Styling and Burlesque Class Party.

The Gatsby House The Style: An understated but regal house with a 1920s townhouse style. Size: Smaller – sleeps up to 22 Where is it: Extremely central Brighton just 2 minutes from Old Steine and the beach. Very close to Brighton’s best nightlife. What do we love about it: The dining space! You must use it – it is a gorgeous enormous square table with room for all your hens – grand and yet intimate. What’s the damage: Weekends from £1,795 – £2,495 We recommend: A Betty Lou Pin Vintage make-over and Charleston dance class! Get into the Gatsby theme and learn to charleston like a proper flapper. Enjoy a one hour class with us after vintage make-up and hair styling and we bet that when you head back to the house you’ll be practising your new skills in the extensive space the property has to offer.

Primrose House

The Style: A period french style property; elegant, beautiful and delightfully pretty. A lovely girly house for a smaller party of hens Size: Smaller – sleeps 10 Where is it: A great location just entering Brighton from Hove. We recommend walking into Brighton for cocktails, dancing and a lively night out in the lanes and on another night heading to Hove for a great meal and a more sophisticated evening. What do we love about it: It is intimate and has a fresh feminine vintage charm. We especially love that the house is painted pale pink! What’s the damage: Weekends from £585 – £1,395 We recommend: A Betty Lou Pin Vintage make-over and Lindy-hop dance class! You are staying in a boutique vintage house so let us style your hair in victory rolls and set your make-up to 50s fantastic and then enjoy a one hour Lindy-hop dance class with your friends before dinner in stylish Hove.

Please note that this article was written July 2018 and all information including prices, availability, etc is based on internet research. We advise you to do your own research thoroughly before booking your accommodation.


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