Alternative Hen Party Ideas - Unleash Your Diva With A Drag Queen Party

Updated: Jan 4

Are you looking for Alternative Hen Party Ideas? There's very little that stands out more than a group of ladies in drag!

"If I were a man I'd be a drag queen" - Dolly Parton

Did you think that drag queens were always men dressed up as women? Think again!

There are in fact a rising number of women dressing up as and performing as drag queens, or faux queens as they are sometimes known. But why would a woman dress up as a woman?

Well, because the artistry of drag is not really about becoming a typical woman, it's about being an out and out diva. And plenty of girls have dreamed about the opportunity to do that. There's a transformation that happens when the make-up is caked on, the hair teased sky-high and the glitter is adorned by the bucket load. Something about the exaggerated femininity is empowering and that's something that we at Betty Lou can get on board with. Which is why we've launched our 'Drag Queen Makeover & Karaoke Hen Party' as part of our alternative hen party ideas pursuit in 2020.

Don't worry, we're not expecting you to put on a show (unless you want to). Our team of professional stylists will transform you with make-up you'd be able to see from space and high dramatic hair. In a private room in a bar or hotel in Brighton or Hove our hair and make-up artists will bring out your inner diva with their amazing skills and a whole lot of sparkle. You may request your own playlist to be played in the room and order drinks from the bar as you chat, laugh and enjoy being styled up with all your friends.

And what could we possibly follow this with - if not Karaoke? Yes, you will also all get passes to Brighton's most popular karaoke bar where you will get your own private room to sing away as newly transformed Drag Queens/Faux Queens/Diva Queens.

If you are seeking alternative hen party ideas then this could be the one for you. Find out more by emailing us now. Or see the full package offering at

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